Thursday, January 10, 2008

Schemes agley

Remember yesterday when I was talking about how sensible and careful I was going to try to be today? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, didn't happen. As my dinner of an ham and cheese pastry, two doughnuts, and a hot chocolate can attest to.

I actually started out really well, managed to get a skinny latte (me: "non-fat-o"), but from lunch it just went downhill. Actually no, lunch was okay, the rest of my day would have been manageable after lunch, my trip to Mr Dounuts after the seminar to wait for the train with my friends, that was my true downfall.

Still, never mind. What's done is done. I've logged it all and will do the one mile WATP tonight at some point. I was surprised actually, once I put it all into my food list I wasn't as madly over my calories as I thought. I'm glad I checked it, because if I hadn't then when I get hungry later I would have just gone 'well, eat whatever and then I'll start fresh tomorrow' which never leads anywhere excepts north to Binge-Land. I'm not feeling too bad about it now. I think I'll probably want food later because the stuff I had was carby and probably won't keep me full, but if so I'll just have something healthy and try to be better when I go back tomorrow.


Grumpy Chair said...

Good attitude.

Christine said...

Supper sounds like a dream. :))))
Have a nice weekend.

Princess Dieter said...

Latte cravings in the air?

I had one of the new skinny flavored lattes from Starbucks today (I'm normally NOT a Starbucks afficionado, either), and I loved it. Loved it so much, I stopped a second time at a different SB and got another. This time, it wasn't so great. The first one was PERFECT in terms of ratio of coffee to milk to sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup. Ah, well. I'll go back to the first Starbucks when I'm in that area.

I did have one of the hugest, most wonderful Caesar salads ever for lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe. I was starved after fasting for my blood tests, and hubby treated me to lunch. The salad was so good, I ate almost the whole thing, and then picked at my entree. Man, yum. No dessert. Espresso with a twist of lemon. Mmmmmm. I had mucho coffee today.

I'm so glad you're blogging and working on the eating and stuff again. Z is BACK!!!

The Princess--who feels better after dragging for nearly two weeks