Saturday, January 12, 2008

Three day Weekend

The conference is over and I can get back into my regular routine, I'm very happy about it. Having to eat at the buffet lunch was having a domino effect on my choices at dinner and I didn't like the pattern. Fortunately once I had logged all the food I didn't go over calories as bad as I thought I had, thanks to the exercise wiggle room, but it really wasn't nutritionally balanced at all, and there was a lot of salt and not a lot of water. Thankfully it was just two days and I'm back to making my own meals again now.

I bought some octopus (tako) at the supermarket last night. I never though I'd type that. Octopus conjures up images of slimy, rubbery tentacles in my head, but the reality of the harmless looking Styrofoam container in the fresh fish section made me feel much less squeamish. That I like to eat it has been on of my biggest food surprises since I've been here, but I've never actually cooked it myself because ordering it chopped up and cooked in a restaurant and buying the raw uncut tentacles are two very different things. They sell them cleaned and chopped though so it's not so bad. The heads are just pink-ish rings (like you'd buy squid) so all I have to deal with is the little stump of tentacles left whole at the bottom. I'm not sure what to cook with it yet though as I don't fancy tako-rice.

I've just done the three mile workout (instead of my usual two) as penance for the last two days. Monday is a public holiday here so I'm going to try and do the three mile every day for the long weekend and see if I can still manage a loss come Wednesday.