Sunday, March 16, 2008

In which the authors body rebels

Welcome to Sick Town, Sickmusshire, Sickonia. Population: Me.

I'm over the main hump of it now I think, but I'm still having serious issues with what I guess must be my sinuses (bad pressure around my nose/eyes area) and feeling really weak. The weakness could be a result of my body deciding 'she 'aint doin' the food thing with me no more'. I've been drinking as much water as I can to try and avoid dehydration, but I can't remember a time when I've felt less like eating.

The good news in all of this (because let's face it, when you feel this crappy you should go for the silver lining where you can) is that my weight has gone down, if only temporarily. Given that the pre-sickness, pms-bloated me was hitting highs in the region of 110-111kgs I can only feel relieved that my body has decided to take matters into her own hands.

I'm not looking forward to going to work tomorrow at all.


Anonymous said...

I am calling in sick tomorrow - you should do the same. I am doing it for the wrong reasons though - my family is coming in and I haven't seen them in some time - you sound like you need a legit day off! Take care.

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Nory Roth said...

Wow! On the other side of the world, I too, am enjoying yet another foray into the abyss! This is the SEVENTH cold I've gotten from my students this term. Pretty hard to avoid when they sneeze directly into your eyes! I took a sick day Monday, but still feel like crap. Hope we're both on the down-side of this thang!

Tully said...

I hope you're feeling better now!

Yay for the weight loss, there is always a silver lining I guess! :-)

Becky-BBW said...

Hope you have ok now.
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