Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reason I'm stupid #297426392

I bought a bike - rawr! But I have been too embarrassed to get on it in case my students see me - doh!

Seriously, I'm so dumb.

The thing is, everyone uses bikes here. Outside the stations there are veritable forests of them. It would make my life easier if I had one, and being surrounded by them seduced me, kind of like when I got my iPod, only I actually like my iPod. I've had it for nearly a week and the closest I've got to it is when I sat on it earlier today. I was going to give it a try but there was a guy standing in his kitchen window right there and I didn't want him to see me make my pathetic little concrete circles.

Bikes and I have a sad history; I learnt to ride one against my will when I was ten. By 'against my will' I mean that my mother decided I was going to learn whether I whined about it or not, and locked me out of the house with my uncle until he had taught me how. No, seriously. It wasn't a particularly auspicious start and I've kept away from them since.

Now that I've got one I just need somewhere to practice a little bit until I'm comfortable (err...well, stable anyway) again. Until I know I'm not going to fall straight into one of the open drainage systems at the side of the road. I live quite close to school though and lots of students bike past where my house is.

I'm ridiculously embarrassed about this.

Also, must stop eating.


Felicia said...

I so feel your pain on this. I bought a new bike a month ago. Last time I actually was on a bike I was like eleven!! So last night I decided ( since it was getting dark so there would be fewer people to see me right ) that I would go for a bike ride with the guys. I managed to stay on and not make a total fool of myself. I don't want to know what I looked like on it lol. But I went. You can do it too! I just know you can. Let us know how it goes ok!!

Have a wonderful day!

Scale Junkie said...

I feel your pain too. I bought a bike at a yard sale last year to ride once I was under 250 pounds. I haven't been on a bike since I was 14. I look at it and think I'll burst the tires for sure. I'm like you, I want to find a secret place with no one around to try riding it for the first time. I don't want to ride it up and down our street and have the neighborhood kids think I"m a freak because I'm wobbling all over the place. Yes I feel your pain.

Grumpy Chair said...

It was hard for me to get on the bike but once I was on, I loved it! Give her a try. At least around the block.

totegirl said...

You're not stupid! It's scary. Falling down from a bike is scarier than falling down from just walking! BUT...find a place to practice, and PRACTICE! Bikes are fun and fast. I just got another one. My 3rd in 2 years. I love riding my bikes!

Tully said...

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. Riding a bike isn't as easy as it sounds! I also get the whole 'being embarrassed' thing.

Good luck with it, I bet you have a ball once you get started. :-)

curvyjones said...

Werd on the must stop eating. I'll drink to that.

MizFit said...

I too feel your pain.

Im wholly utterly and completely UNCOORDINATED.

I shelled out big bucks (for me) on a trek bike about 8 years ago and have never ridden it out of fear of embarrassment (and traffic)


Mama Bear June said...

Sending you hugs. You'll be on that bike in no time and loving it! :-) My daughter had a bad bike accident when she was 5 and refused to get on one again. And no, I never forced her. I love the bike I won, wish you were close by and we could get out on the road together.

This comment made me laugh: "I actually like my iPod. I've had it for nearly a week and the closest I've got to it is when I sat on it earlier today." It really sounded like you sat on your iPod! LOL

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DivaOnaDiet said...

Bikes are great!